Alan Gilbert’s Playlist presented by the New York Philharmonic

Photo by Chris Lee © 2013 The New York Philharmonic. Photo alteration by the author published by

Photo by Chris Lee © 2013 The New York Philharmonic. Published by the Superconductor blog by Paul J. Pelkonen, photo alteration by the author

We all know too well what playlists are. Nowadays it’s a trendy way of showcasing our music taste. We also love listening to other people’s playlists. It creates some sort of a connection between us and our favorite celebrities/opinion leaders if we get a musical glimpse into their music players.

But what a great idea it is to launch a concert cycle presenting the “playlist” of Alan Gilbert, the New York Philharmonic’s popular music director.

The concert cycle will run during 1 month, having started on May 30th and running through June 29th. The time frame is condensed and the program contains pieces from diverse genres and styles – just like a real playlist.

Alan Gilbert has even created the playlist on Spotify together with Time Out New York, so you are just a click away of enjoying the sounds of the festival on your music player – and most likely wanting to see them performed live.



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